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Vagi-Clear: How Effective Is This Homoeopathic BV Treatment?

by on July 28, 2012 · 0 comments

in Bacterial Vaginosis

Vagi ClearBacterial vaginosis is our topic of the week. We’ve already reviewed what we believe to be the top BV treatment – Destinol - but there are others out there, which if you’re looking for a good solution to this problem you may eventually come across.

Today we’ll be breaking down an all-natural homoeopathic remedy known as Vagi-Clear(not to be confused with Vagiclear, a genital thrush drug) to see if we can offer you the information you need if you’re thinking about trying it.

Let’s get started with this our official Vagi-Clear review.

What Is It?

This product is essentially a homoeopathic bacterial vaginosis treatment. For those who don’t know anything about homoeopathy, we’ll explain it a little for you.

There’s three major points worth mentioning about homoeopathy:

  1. The ingredients used in any remedy are ALWAYS derived from natural sources.
  2. When taken from the sources, the ingredients are then diluted to less then 5%, with the rest of the solution being water.
  3. It goes under the premise that by introducing certain ingredients into your body, you can help it to heal itself.

The majority of remedies are applied under the tongue where the solution can be most easily absorbed via the saliva glands that are present in that area.

Homeopathy For BVRight now there seems to be mixed ideas as to the effectiveness of treatments like Vagi-Clear, with there being a clear divide in the opinions of doctors to that of naturopaths. The other thing we must note down is that there have been no conclusive studies conducted to prove the effectiveness of ANY homoeopathic remedies to date.

With that said, this treatment method still has mountains of support from loyal users who swear by the results they receive from this form of natural medication.

Coming back to Vagi-Clear, here are some of the claims associated with this remedy:

  • Relieves general symptoms of BV.
  • Reduces itching and irritation.
  • Alleviates foul smell caused by too much bacteria.
  • Helps to balance out levels of natural bacteria.

Although no studies have been conducted to prove whether or not these effects are true, Vagi-Clear certainly has a loyal range of customers, clearly shown in many online reviews who swear by this product and its ability to reduce symptoms of bacterial vaginosis.

Why We Like It

There are certainly a couple of positives in regards to using a treatment like Vagi-Clear, the first is that it’s all natural. We’re huge proponents of natural medication…BUT ONLY IF IT WORKS.

Although it’s not 100% clear as to whether or not this product will work on everyone, the reviews so far do suggest some fairly positive results, indicating that it must have some effect on symptoms.

In saying that…

Why We Don’t Like It

Homoeopathy in our eyes still needs to prove itself as an effective form of medication. The idea of supplying the body with heavily diluted ingredients, which are supposedly meant to allow the body to heal itself, could also be interpreted as blind faith.

In fact the majority of medical practitioners believe that any positive effect seen from homoeopathic treatment, could be due to a placebo effect and not from the remedy itself.

Meaning that by assuming the remedy is helping to reduce symptoms of BV, our bodies SOMEHOW have the ability to reduce this form of STD. The problem being that this is usually a rarity and in every case seen, it’s unclear at to what in fact caused the reduction in symptoms in the first place.

No studies have been conducted to determine the cause of the so-called placebo effect of homoeopathic remedies.

Overall Score

This one was a little tough to score as when we make our decision, a lot of it comes from the general opinion of the people who know best – actual users.

Because no studies have been conducted to determine whether or not Vagi-Clear could in fact be somewhat effective, we literally would not allow ourselves to recommend it here on STDealWithIt.

Overall Score: 92%

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