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Wartamine Genital Wart Treatment: We’re Skeptical, But Let’s Take A Closer Look

by on June 28, 2012 · 6 comments

in Genital Warts

Wartamine Genital Wart TreatmentWell we’re kicking things off this week by talking about by far the most common sexually transmitted disease, genital warts caused by Human Papilloma Virus(HPV) and a treatment option that people are seriously raving about, Wartamine.

Did you know that there are over 40 different varieties of HPV, most of which can be cleared easily by our bodies immune system? However sometimes an infection cannot be prevented and the result are sometimes genital warts.

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about as more then 50% of men and women will contract the disease in their lifetime. The key then is what we do once we start to see symptoms and that’s where a product like Wartamine can come into play.

The question is, how effective is this particular product at removing genital warts?

Let’s find out in this our official Wartamine review.

Time To Break It Down

An STD is no laughing matter, so we’re going to be blatantly honest with you…

The overwhelming majority of natural treatment products DO NOT WORK and should be considered nothing more than scams!

That’s why we’re always going to be ultra critical of every product we review on this site and that includes Wartamine.

This product is a mostly natural topical lotion that claims to work within 72 hours of direct application. It’s extremely important to remember that this product is not a cure for genital warts, but instead a way of treating them to help allow you to live a life without constant symptoms.

By applying the lotion twice a day directly to the problem area, the product claims to remove the signs of genital warts within 3 days. Your body usually has the ability to remove any flare up, but statistics show that it can take up to a few months to occur and occasionally when left untreated, more flare ups can be the result.

Really, in order to determine whether or not Wartamine has the ability to clear genital warts that quickly, we need to take a look at the ingredients, as well as to speak to others who have actually tried it.

Wartamine Ingredients

When it comes to the ingredients that make up the lotion, it’s clear to see their approach is an antibacterial one:

Apple Cider VinegarApple Cider Vinegar is one of the well known ingredients used in the removal of warts. It’s made by the process of fermenting apple cider where the sugars left over turn into alcohol. Acetic acid forming bacteria is then added to produce the final result. Many studies suggest that this variety of vinegar has powerful antibacterial properties and a lot of people are turning to it instead of using antibiotics to cure certain illnesses.

Vitamin E in its antioxidant form is also used in Wartamine. Not a lot is known about the effects of this vitamin, however some studies do suggest that it has an uncanny ability to dispose of free radicals looking to enter through the skin. It first binds itself to them before helping your body to start the natural removal process.

Tea Tree Oil is again another one of those common antibacterial ingredients that can help to fight off the onset of certain forms of bacteria.

The other two ingredients in the remedy are olive leaf extract, which apparently has immune boosting properties and garlic extract again a common ingredient used as an antiviral.

All in all the nature of the remedy looks very nice on paper, but are people currently seeing positive results when applying it to their problem areas?

Wartamine Reviews: What People Are Saying

This is the main reason why we wanted to run a feature story on this product. There are literally hundreds of people talking about it on one of the biggest HPV support forums, so we thought we’d quote one of their members who has tried out Wartamine.

This was taken directly from a thread started by a guy who used it and wrote down his results over a less then two week period.

November 5, 2010

“After trying everything else under the sun I have decided to give Wartamine a try. I am axiously waiting to see how well this stuff works, considering how much Ive heard that it works as well as the 30 day money back guarentee. One thing I was surprised to see was it does not state how often to use this stuff on the label. Anyone who has used it, how often did you use it? once daily? twice daily? I know there are plenty of related topics on this forum but what kind of results did you get? I will be logging my results if anyone is interested.”


November 8, 2010

“Thanks for the reply. This is the beginning of day 4 for me, they have turned white, now black and would be very happy to see them fall off soon. How often did you put thsi stuff on? My work schedule is crazy hectic right now so I put it on at 6PM when I get home from work, and at 9PM I replace the cotton and keep that on till I wake up at 2AM. I figure this is sufficient enough, possibly over sufficient. Just curious what worked for you. Again man, your encouragement is very appreciated.”


November 16, 2010

“It is definately proving itself, though the scabs have been healing a week and not quite done, I can tell how effective this stuff really is. Thanks for the insight all”


Of course, there’s a lot of other threads from people who are basically telling the exact same story, after application, their warts turn white, then black, then start to fall off.

There’s really a lot to love about this product.

What We Liked

There’s a number of things we like about Wartamine, but the first and most important thing is that it works and works well. Unlike the majority of natural homoeopathic products which people are finally starting to realize are absolute scams, Wartamine is an effective treatment for genital warts.

It’s been shown time and time again that those who use this product directly on their problem areas, can literally see their warts fall off  within a 2 week period.

The second thing is that it uses all natural ingredients as opposed to pharmaceutical products, which work just as well but contain god knows what harmful chemicals, steroids, etc, etc. We’re a big proponent of natural ingredients, but only if they work.

A product that works is always far more important then anything else.

What We Didn’t Like

Okay this is a bit silly because there’s literally no cure to genital warts, but if we did have to say something slightly problematic about Wartamine it would be that it offers no long term prevention benefits. Don’t get us wrong, when a flare up does occur, the lotion is amazing at helping to remove warts effectively, however when it comes to prevention, the remedy is of very little help.

Ultimately when it comes to preventing genital warts, improving your immune system is key to stopping flare ups from occurring. When they do happen and sometimes it’s just inevitable, we feel comfortable recommending Wartamine as a safe, effective treatment method.

Overall Score

Top Genital Wart TreatmentWhat we have here, is the only natural genital wart treatment designed specifically to help remove warts when they appear. If you would prefer to steer clear of pharmaceutical products, we’re confident enough to tell you that this product will be effective in regards to the removal process.

To be perfectly honest with you, we HATE the majority of genital wart treatments on the market for the sole reason that most of them literally DO NOT work. If you do suffer from a STD, this is a serious thing and we’re going to do everything possible to reveal to you the products that do work and those that do not.

Wartamine is a product that works and therefore we’re happy to recommend it and not only that, but select it as our current #1 Genital Warts Treatment.

Overall Score: 97%

Click Here for, where you can read more or make a safe, secure purchase

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Marisol Serrano February 6, 2013 at 9:41 am

I need for someone to give me customers number so that I can cancel the automated deliveries thank you, Marisol


admin February 6, 2013 at 2:32 pm

Here is their company information…they have a toll free number you can call anytime –>

Hope that helps :-)


Michael August 21, 2013 at 8:05 am

Can you buy this stuff at a store such as Walmart or Walgreens? If not, any products that you can buy there, that may work? Thanks!


admin August 27, 2013 at 8:13 am

At this stage, no you can’t buy Wartamine in stores, just online. There’s nothing as powerful as this product, but any wart removal cream should have some impact on your warts.


Amanda Patricia Obrien October 22, 2013 at 7:16 pm

How to purchase this product? ?


admin October 29, 2013 at 7:27 am

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