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Wartrol: Why The NEW Remedy Is Better, But Still Ain’t That Great!

by on July 4, 2012 · 0 comments

in Genital Warts

Wartrol ScamWe’re continuing on with our discussion of genital warts treatment this week and today we’re going to be reviewing a product which started off basically as a scam in that they were using untested ingredients thrown together into a homoeopathic remedy. Homoeopathy has NEVER been proven to be effective not only on STD symptoms, but on any disease in general and should never be an option for anyone.

Fortunately the product in question today, Wartrol, picked up their act and moved towards developing a remedy that COULD be a little more effective on helping to remove genital warts.

Let’s get this Wartrol review underway.

Time To Break It Down

When Wartrol first came out, the idea of the remedy was to help give your immune system a boost to prevent the chances of an outbreak from occurring. The product used homoeopathic ingredients(which we hate!) that was to be taken orally under the tongue a couple of times a day.

Great idea yes, but guess what?

It didn’t do anything!

We’re not sure what exactly happened but if we were to guess, the FDA got involved at one stage and prevented them from selling their product as a HPV treatment and for a while there, the website stopped mentioning any words related to “HPV” and “genital warts”.

Since that point, the people behind the product decided it was time to change their approach and create a new remedy that was to be applied directly and that could(again COULD) actually have an effect on symptoms.

What they came up with was pretty basic and that was to use literally ONE, cheap ingredient – salicylic acid.

There is evidence to suggest that salicylic acid does have an effect on plantar warts(different strain to genital warts), but not a lot of research has been done to show evidence of its effectiveness on genital warts.

There are several cases of people online who have mentioned it being mildly effective, but only after religious-like use over the course of several months. This in our minds could be mistaken for their warts clearing up naturally without the help of the salicylic acid.

The other non-active ingredients found in Wartrol include:

  • Alcohol(used to prevent any further outside infection)
  • Ascorbic Acid(derived from vitamin C)
  • Polysorbate 80(used to help increase the speed of reaction)

The suggested amount of use for Wartrol is twice daily for up to 12 weeks or until your warts have been removed.

Wartrol Reviews From Customers

We’ve gone ahead and placed links to each of the threads where people are talking about Wartrol.

14th September, 2011, Maa Noi, HPVforum Thread

“Hi all,

So I’ve had HPV for a 3-4 months now. I’ve been using Wartrol for around 5 weeks and so far nothing has changed. A few new warts have appeared since I started treatment. I’ve just purchased Oxyfend a couple days ago and also bought an immune system booster.

By using all these treatments at the same time I figure its got to boost my chances of getting rid of these things.

FYI my current gf also has HPV and I think I got it from her. Her warts disappeared all by them self after around 8 months with no treatment.

I’ll keep updated this thread with progress reprots every couple weeks or whenever I see changes.”

25th September, 2011, Maa Noi, HPVforum Thread

“Still waiting for the Oxyfend to arrive. :(

Still not noticed any difference from Wartrol. Has anyone really had any good results from it?”

15th June, 2011, shadowuk, HPV Forum Thread

“Hi everyone again!

Having used Wartamine over the chrtistmas period i have to say how impressed i am with the results i had. I did have a reoccurance last week so applied some Wartamine and it disappeared with 2 days (using the same bottle i bought before xmas).

In the past i have used Wartrol and did have positive results with it but Wartamine is just SO effective and compared to perscription treatments to vastly cheaper. Having been on a view review sites it looks like everyone seems to get positive results”

What We Liked

We absolutely hated the fact they used to sell a homoeopathic product that did absolutely nothing from what people were saying. So with that said, we’re glad they decided to make a change for the better and at least use an ingredient(salicylic acid) that MAY have the slight potential to help remove genital warts when they appear.

Apart from that, there’s not really a lot of evidence to suggest that those who are using Wartrol are seeing positive results.

What We Didn’t Like

Really Wartrol doesn’t even come close to comparing to a product like Wartamine and for the following reasons:

  1. It only uses one ingredient(salicylic acid) that has no proof of working on symptoms of genital warts.
  2. We literally couldn’t find anyone independently who has used Wartrol and seen positive results.
  3. Somehow it’s the same price as Wartamine at $50/month, yet you could if you wanted to buy a product like Duofilm which is basically the same thing for $10(not recommended as it isn’t designed to work on genital warts)

We’re all for more treatment options, but only those that improve on existing ones and Wartrol certainly hasn’t achieved this.

Overall Score

What we have here is unfortunately a product that is designed to do nothing but make money. There’s very little evidence to suggest that its formula could be effective on removing genital warts or helping to prevent future flare ups.

It’s for these reasons that we’re telling our readers NOT to buy Wartrol, but instead go with a product like Wartamine which actually does offer positive results.

Overall Score: 55%

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Now it’s your turn, let us know what you thought of this review by quickly rating it below. Or if you have an experience in using Wartrol we’d love to know, so please send us your comment or let us know on FacebookTwitter or Google+. Feedback is important to us, so please don’t hold back :-)

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